Who are We?

There are few opportunities for the fledging artist to transition into the professional — an individual who uses his or her art form to make a living.  Yet, every “higher soceity” throughout history is known for it’s commitment to art and, more specifically, the pursuit of art at it’s highest level.

The Platform Society was formed for the very purpose of creating and supporting mechanisms to foster and encourage young women and men in their journey to a vocation in the arts field.  At it’s core, the purposes of the Society are as follows:

a)     To foster, enhance, and advance holistic education in performing arts and the pursuit of excellence;

b)     To develop innovative forms of education in performing arts in Greater Vancouver and to work together within the community in British Columbia in furtherance thereof;

c)      To promote interest of the general public in performing arts through community events;

d)     To cultivate and create career development opportunities for aspiring performing arts professionals;

e)     To raise, receive, manage and disburse funds to support and promote holistic educational initiatives that enhance the quality of academic, and artistic pursuits within Greater Vancouver;

f)       To seek and accept donations, gifts, legacies and devises in furtherance of its corporate purposes.

We invite you to join with us in being a part of enriching the lives of the members of our community — there is no greater pleasure than to know that YOU have made a difference for the better in the lives of others.

Please contact us for more information about current projects underway!